Is This Thing On?


Hello, and welcome to the very first post in this blog, which I've creatively named Code / Thoughts. I'll be writing about coding, some of the projects I'm working on or things I'm learning, and occasionally some life stuff thrown in for good measure.

About me:

My name's Jack; I'm 29, I live in London, and I recently left a career in PR and Communications in order to pursue coding and become a developer. I'm also really into music, sneakers, (relaxed) cycling, design, and some other bits.

Okay, great, but why am I writing a blog?

function testing() {
return 'Hello World';


Well, I completed a coding bootcamp (Le Wagon) in March and finished just as COVID-19 really kicked off in the UK; perfect timing for my career change and looking for a new job. Since then, as well as job hunting, I've been continuing my own learning by tinkering with projects, building apps, and generally trying to improve my coding knowledge.

This blog is another project that seemed like a good idea at the time, and I've really enjoyed building it with the Eleventy Static Site Generator. I suppose now I'll have to post on it.

To be honest it will be nice to have an outlet to write things on, and hopefully I'll be able to create a decent account of me getting to grips with the coding world, my learning and my processes (It turns out there's an awful lot to learn).

The bootcamp prepped me with Ruby, Rails and your usual HTML / CSS / JS web languages, but right now I'm working a lot in Javascript and learning the ropes with the Express framework. I'll post about some of my applications in due course. Please forgive my spaghetti code.

Thanks for reading.


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