Support UK Arts


The arts and entertainment industries in the UK need your help. We're pretty deep into this global pandemic, and the UK government has failed to provide any emergency funding for them, in contrast to our neighbours in Europe and further afield. Aside from creating a lot of economic value, the people working in these sectors make the UK the cultural hub it's known as.

Two things I've joined so far to support the things I love:

NTS Radio plays a huge variety of music from great guest DJs and has no advertising. They've opened up a monthly subscription to help continue their work and keep the station sustainable.

Truants is probably the best music blog in the UK, and they do a great mix series too. Subscribe to their Patreon to get the writers paid.

There's loads of other causes and platforms running similar schemes, so I'd encourage anyone to chip in a few quid to try and help.

Edit: The government has since offered some kind of funding, but you should still support the people and organisations you can!

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